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A quick e-mail to say thank you for all your knowledge and help which has been greatly appreciated.

When your web site said "ring and speak to a real person", I rang, the phone was answered immediately, the nature of my enquiry ascertained and I was promised a call back by an expert within 10 minutes (how many times have I heard that before).

Not only was I called back within 10 minutes as promised, I was speaking to the Boss! Your knowledge of my problem and the advice given, from your previous research and experience, was invaluable.

I have now placed my order as advised (the web site was easy to navigate and simple to use) and will update you with the results. I have every confidence that the delivery will go as smoothly as the rest of the process.

If only more businesses were this helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to others and wish you every success for the future.

A very satisfied customer

Alan Kemp

Thank you. I am very happy with the product and the service provided. I particularly like the ease of application of the product and lack of toxic odours.

Best regards

Robert Munro

We are very satisfied with the product we purchased and the customer service received. We would not hesitate in buying from you in the future.

Many thanks,

Reg Hollis

Thank you David, that is so helpful. I would like to say whilst writing how absolutely incredible both Angela and Hayley have been, and how lucky you are to have two such amazing people working for you. I would love to put something up on your web site about them...incredible, I could not believe the trouble they went to.

This is a long difficult task, made all the more so by being in the wilds of the Sicilian hills where nobody has a clue.

Thank you.

Regards Tess

Thank you, your Boron product was ideal and perfect for the small area I needed to treat.

Your web site provided just the information I wanted and the service was very good.

Thanks again,

Mike Lake

Woodworm Control - why we use wood preservatives

In the UK we are mainly concerned with woodworm treatment for Common Furniture Beetle, (Anobium punctatum, in Latin). We need to practice safe woodworm beetle treatment because of the long term damage that the woodworm larvae (grubs) cause in structural and decorative woodwork in domestic houses and commercial buildings.

Knowledge of the life cycle of the common furniture beetle (usually just called 'Woodworm' for short) is important when carrying out woodworm treatment because we cannot stop adult Woodworm beetles emerging using normal timber treatments, no matter which surface applied woodworm treatment product we use. To eventually cure woodworm we first need to break the 'egg laying cycle'.

Common furniture beetle starts life as an egg. These are laid on a bare, unpainted timber surface, or in cracks and crevices, end grain and down old emergence holes.

These larvae hatch, bore into the sap wood, where they cause most of the damage. The larvae feed on the wood and this 'worm' becomes larger for up to 5 years. At some stage the wood worm moves close to the surface and constructs a pupal chamber.

Between May and August the adult emerges from its pupal skin and chews its way out leaving the familiar 'woodworm holes'. When they cut their way out they are not actually feeding - the adult does not eat! When the adult beetles have emerged they mate and lay eggs, frequently down the old emergence holes and into the pupal chambers and tunnels. Sometimes both mating and egg laying can take place within the emergence hole itself.

How to stop Woodworm

Woodworm treatment is essential, if active woodworm is present, in order to prevent woodworm eggs from successfully boring into the timber and continuing the woodworm life cycle. If woodworm, or worse still Death Watch Beetle, (or even worse still House Longhorn Beetle) is allowed to continue to eat your wood, it will be structurally weakened by the multitude of internal tunnels and beetle flight escape holes. These exit holes are evidence of an attack of some type of woodworm, but the size of the exit hole is important in determining the beetle species and hence its life expectancy. Death watch Beetle has a much longer cycle (8 to 10 years) than Common Furniture Beetle (3 to 5 years), so woodworm treatment, as a woodworm killer, has to be adapted to suit the insect involved. Timber treatment is only part of the woodworm story. Dampness also plays an important part in woodworm attack, (woodworm prefer damp or wet timber) so timber treatment must take account of damp, its source and its control or elimination. Fortunately, Boron based products love moisture - they 'seek' the dampest parts of the wood, thus protecting the most vulnerable areas.

Consult our Qualified Woodworm Experts for safe, odour free Woodworm Treatment. We supply a Licensed Borax product as an Insecticide - very safe, no smell and permanent.

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