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WOODWORM IN FURNITURE TREATMENT KIT - woodworm treatment for furniture using wax, spray, injection and brushing gel. Call our experts for free advice on furniture beetle - 01626 872886 .

Boron Ecobor 20 Brushing Gel is a clear, odourless, water based treatment for treating woodworm furniture, together with other woodworm treatment products included in the Kit (see details below). We tell you how to kill woodworm in furniture safely.

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1. Furniture Woodworm Treatment Kit - complete treatment - woodworm in furniture

We have created a Furniture Treatment Kit to deal with the varied woodworm problems to be found in wooden furniture.

Firstly, no type of woodworm treatment will penetrate painted, varnished, stained or waxed surfaces, so in many cases you cannot usefully apply woodworm treatments of any kind to the outer, finished parts of pieces of wooden furniture.

Secondly, the inside and rear surfaces of furniture are often bare, so you can apply the Boron Gel, with a brush. Care must be taken not to leave a sticky residue, so after allowing 24 hours for absorption you should wipe off all excess gel with a well rinsed damp cloth.

Thirdly, the small holes themselves (the 'flight' or 'exit' holes) can be directly treated in three different ways. Either inject them using the Spray, or apply drops of Gel using the syringe supplied in the Kit. Wipe off any excess and then block the holes using the Classic Wax, which contains an insecticide.

Boron Ultra Gel - for brushing onto bare wood in furniture, or injection into woodworm holes.Classic Wax polish for blocking woodworm holes and killing any eggs laid in the holes

Inject Fluid, Brush or Inject Boron Gel, Block Holes with Classic Wax

Furniture Treatment Kit - contains Boron Gel, Treatment Spray with a special hole nozzle and Classic Wax for hole filling.

Complete Furniture Treatment Kit Contains -

Spray, Boron Gel, Wax Polish, gloves, plastic syringe.

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2. Boron Ecobor 20 Brushing Gel - furniture surface treatment and to inject into holes - no smell, no vapour

For unpainted, unvarnished, bare wood, by brush or using the syringe provided with the Kit

A unique Boron based Gel in glycol, designed to treat timber by brush or by injection. It avoids the hazard problems of many liquid preservatives by using only glycol as a carrier. By brush, apply as one thin coat, allowed to soak in and then wipe to remove any excess with a wet cloth. If injected, apply to each insect hole to refusal and wipe off all excess with a damp cloth or paper.

Option - this product can be purchased as part of the Furniture Treatment Kit

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Brushing Boron Gel onto bare wood - for woodworm treatment inside furniture.

3. Furniture Woodworm hole Injection using Mini Brass Sprayer with pointed Flight Hole Nozzle

For painted, varnished or stained wood where a surface treatment of Gel will not penetrate.

A special polished brass Mini Sprayer has been modified to take a Flight Hole Nozzle, with a fine pointed tip. This allows you to inject individual holes with a drop of Boron Ultra liquid, a low hazard, zero odour, zero vapour treatment. Wipe off all excess fluid with a damp cloth or paper, to avoid affecting polished surfaces.

Option - this product can be purchased with or without Boron Boracol liquid. The miniature Sprayer is not part of the standard Furniture Treatment Kit, being designed for a liquid, which is not contained in the Kit.

Miniature brass hand spraying, for applying woodworm treatment liquid  to woodworm holes. Can also be used for house plant spraying.Common furniture Beetle holes in a piece of wood.

Pump Action Injection Can

Click to see prices and buy - Brass Injection & Spraying Pump

Click to see prices and buy - 1 litre of Boron Boracol in water at 5% to use in the Miniature Sprayer

4. Spray aerosol can - to spray into flight holes - not Boron Based

For all bare surface areas.

A pressurised 300cc can of Permethrin insecticide, for insect flight holes. Solvent based. Wipe off all excess with a dry cloth or paper. Has an odour and a vapour

Woodworm hole spray can - 300cc

Option - this product can be purchased as part of the Furniture Treatment Kit

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5. Supreme Furniture Wax - for finishing - does not contain silicone

For waxing all areas and to block off old holes

An 400cc tin of special wax. Ideal for blocking off old flight holes, where eggs may otherwise be laid.

Classic Wax polish for blocking woodworm holes and killing any eggs laid in the holes

Classic Wax with insecticide - for blocking holes

Option - this product can be purchased as part of the Furniture Treatment Kit

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